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Olive hair oil with Vitamin with vitamin E & A

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DOSELO Hair Oil is a rich blend of restorative ingredients from the middle ages that soften your tresses, adding a radiant glow & luminescent shine to them. A perfect mix of best in class vitalizing oils & conditioning ingredients that give you longer & stronger hair.

Why should you buy?

Makes hair longer & stronger

Its all-natural ingredients like olive oil, sunflower seed, and almond oil are necessary vitamins that make hair longer and stronger.

Adds radiant glow & luminescent shine

Biotin-rich almond oil and Vitamin E adds radiant and proves shine and strength to your hair.

Conditioning & vitalizing hairs

Nourishing substance rich almond oil and vitamin E provides conditioning and vitalizing hairs


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, its all natural ingredients help to reduce hair fall.

yes, it can make your hair shiner.

Yes, helps in hair conditioning

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