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Doselo Natural Beauty Soap 75gm each (Pack of 3 Soaps)

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Nourishing skin | Refreshing Skin | Silky smooth skin

DOSELO Natural beauty Soap is formulated with skin-loving ingredients which help your skin soft & smooth with a refreshing fragrance. Blended with all supernatural ingredients like shea butter, milk protein, Vitamin E, and aloe vera that deep cleanses your skin and makes it silky soft. Prepare your skin to glow more and shine brighter than ever with Doselo Natural Beauty Soap

Why should you buy?

Provides nourishing & silky smooth skin

It is prepared with all-natural and skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and milk protein and provides nourishing & silky smooth skin.

Makes brighter and glowing skin

After every shower, the supernatural qualities of Vitamin E, aloe vera & shea butter leave your skin brighter and glowing.

Deeply cleanses & moisturises your skin

The all-natural ingredients present in Doselo Natural Beauty Soap provide a youthful glow and at the same time deeply moisturise your skin


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is cruelty-free soap.

No, suggested not to apply on hair, only beneficial for the body and face.

Yes, of course. Your granny can use it.

Yes, it is a chemical-free product.

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